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This pack contains two sachets, that’s two-morning afters sorted.

Chose from our Original Dark Berry flavour, or, if you prefer things a little sweeter, try our new Sweet Dark Berry Flavour. 

Both flavours are sugar-free!


Directions for use:
Mix 1 sachet (8g) with 250ML of water. 
You only need to take one sachet per day and drink it in the morning only.


Product info:
*High caffeine content 150MG
*Do NOT exceed 1 sachet per day

Ingredients: 5HTP, Choline, L Tyrosine, Glycine, Electrolytes, L-Glutamine, Blackberry leaf extract, Inulin FOS, Vitamin and mineral blend, Caffeine. Stevia. (Sweeter Dark Berry also contains Sucralose)

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