Anti Venom Tropical Energiser - Case of 12 Cans (Limited Stock!)

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Our popular Anti Venom blend now available in a pre-mix can and in a tasty and refreshing tropical flavour! Hurry, we only have limited stock available to buy now!

Our brand new, carbonated tropical can drink has 5.4g of active ingredients, that's 10 x the amount of most health drinks on the market.

We also include 80mg of natural coffee bean extract for energy and a blend of nootropics to specifically help focus, concentration, energy, productivity, hydration and gives you a daily dose of B vitamins.


Drink 1 can of Anti Venom when you feel like you need a boost.
Best served chilled
Shake gently before opening


If you haven't heard of us before, Anti Venom Recovery Formula has been designed for those who work hard and play hard. It will help you to recover and get you back to your full potential after a long night of indulging, working, working out of studying. Whatever it is you enjoy.

Anti Venom is...
✔️ Sugar-free
✔️ Only 3 calories per serving
✔️ Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Suitable for vegans & batch tested
✔️ 100 % recyclable and BPA free
✔️A blend of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Electrolytes with 80mg of caffeine per serving
✔️ Clinically researched dosages, backed by science

High caffeine content
Not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding women
Not recommended for children
Consume moderately
Do not exceed 1 serving per day


Ingredients: Inulin, Tyrosine, Electrolyte blend (sodium chloride, magnesium malate, potassium chloride), Choline citrate, Choline bitartrate, L glycine, Vitamin c, Citric acid, Coconut water powder, Caffeine, L theanine, Green tea extract, B vitamins, Sucralose, Natural flavouring